The IDZ Design Excursion offers the opportunity to learn about design institutions and their work. By visiting guided exhibitions or attending company presentations, IDZ members and interested guests are given an insight into working processes, business strategies, current design projects and innovative research results. The excursions invite you to share your knowledge, discuss current design practices and meet like-minded people within our IDZ network.

Current Events

Thursday, 4/25/2024
6.00 pm–9.00 pm
IDZ Event

wirDesign: Responsibility is the reason why | Responsability and Brand Performance
IDZ Berlin is inviting jointly with member wirDesign. Birgida Kempf and Silke Parnack from the wirDesign Executive Board will show how their agency works.

Brigida Kempf and Silke Parnack, board members at wirDesign, show how their brand agency works successfully. The agency places responsibility at the heart of its actions, acts in accordance with ESG criteria, and is currently working on its common good balance sheet. It’s not just about being “good” or “sustainable” but constantly improving and taking responsibility—for the employees, the company, and the world—while achieving economic success.

Most of our members have this aspiration, so we are already looking forward to this impetus from the wirDesign cosmos and the subsequent collegial exchange over snacks and drinks.

We kindly ask for a reservation. The event will be in German.

When? 25 April, 6:30 pm (doors open 6 pm)
Where? wirDesign, Berliner Straße 82, 13189 Berlin

Thursday, 3/21/2024
6.00 pm–9.00 pm
IDZ Event

Alexander Wodrich
Motion & Sound - Design & Branding and why these disciplines are becoming increasingly important in brand communication ...

Alexander Wodrich, Managing Director of the agency why do birds, invites you to the IDZ member event on March 21.

He will provide insights into the world of motion design and motion branding and explain why these disciplines are becoming increasingly important for brand communication. How do brands manage to present themselves "on-brand" in the fast-moving social media jungle and what tools are there to ensure a consistent presence?

As moving images rarely manage without sound, the interface to sound (branding) will also be discussed. You can look forward to excellent audio examples. Please register now!

Event in German language!

available tickets: 2


Tuesday, 7/11/2023
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

IDZ Excursion with Silke Ihden-Rothkirch
Invitation to guided tour through special exhibition - Retrotopia – Design for Socialist Spaces - at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

Eleven "design capsules" show design projects, many of them unknown, from former socialist countries in Europe, including the former Yugoslavia. Curator Dr. Claudia Banz, Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin, had invited co-curatorial teams from Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Eisenhüttenstadt, Kiev, Ljubljana, Prague, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw, Zagreb and Berlin to stage one contribution each for the public space and the private sphere.

IDZ member Silke Ihden-Rothkirch was involved in the project as co-curator and editor and will accompany the tour of the exhibition hall on July 11. In addition, you can look forward to a greeting from Dr. Banz, interesting visual axes, unusual constellations and impulses for further explorations, and a glass of wine afterwards, to which we cordially invite you.

Please register

Thursday, 10/27/2022
5.00 pm–8.00 pm
Member of IDZ

sold out


Impressions of the design excursion to Hans Constin
Thursday, 8/17/2017
5.00 pm–7.00 pm
IDZ Event

IDZ Design Excursion
Open Innovation Space

At August 17th IDZ offers an excursion to Open Innovation Space. The tour gives insights into the facilities, work and structures of the platform.

For IDZ members, the participation is free.
Visitors: 10 Euro
Reduced*: 5 Euro

* for students, retirees and ALG II recipients

More information about the space:

Thursday, 6/25/2015
IDZ Event

IDZ Design Excursion Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH

At the IDZ design excursion in June 2015, the Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH will provide an insight into its working spaces and processes. The company develops and implements interactive experience platforms and exhibits, as well as scenographies and exhibitions. On the basis of projects and objects, Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH will illustrate how brands and themes can be experienced haptically and spatially. During a guided tour through the manufacture, the participants will learn where and how the interdisciplinary team conceptualizes and implements its ideas.

Tuesday, 3/10/2015
IDZ Event

IDZ Design Excursion
... to NCS Colour GmbH

On the 10th of march, the IDZ, along with the NCS Colour GmbH, is going to organize a design excursion on the subject of »optimizing product development«. In this context, colour is an important factor because 85% of all buying decisions are based on colour. But how can one ensure that the preferred shade stays the same on different materials? The executive director Christofer Haux will teach how to manage colour-related production more effectively and how to omptimize the whole product development process. On the basis of case studies, the participants will learn how companies can shorten their product developments, reduce their costs and at the same time increase their level of quality.

Saturday, 11/29/2014
IDZ Event

IDZ Design Excursion Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam

On the 29th of november 2014, the IDZ is going to visit the Volkswagen Design Center in Potsdam. Peter Wouda, department head of exterior design and also board member of IDZ, will give a lecture on his work and on the automobile design process. Afterwards, he will give a tour through the exhibition »How to design a car?« which has been mounted during the Design Days Brandenburg. The excursion therefore provides an insight into the designer's and modeller's work at Volkswagen Design Center as well as into the whole process from draft to the first 1:1 model.

Friday, 10/10/2014
IDZ Event

IDZ Design Excursion Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin

Along with our member Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (KPM), IDZ-members and interested guests are invited to attend the guided exhibition »Who is Mari?« on the 10th of october 2014. Afterwards, they will gain an insight into the porcelain manufacture. The exhibition will illustrate the holistic and radical workings of Enzo Maris. Under his influence, the long-standing berlin manufacture turned into a think tank in the nineties and had the KMP-atelier as its creative epicenter. At the manufacture, the participants will have the chance to get to know the manufacturer's work as well as try the craftsmanship themselves.

Past Events


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