German Ecodesign Award

Winners announced!

On 30 November, the winners of the German Ecodesign Award 2020 were announced in a virtual award ceremony. The video and an online exhibition with all awarded projects can be found on the website of the Award.

Experience how climate change is changing a high alpine glacier, how faulty china is rescued and how heirloom vegetable plants are revived!

EcoDesign Circle 4.0

EcoDesign Sprint 4.0

In mid-November we conducted the pilot of the EcoDesign Sprint 4.0.

Peter Post, Managing Director of Scholz & Volkmer and expert in service and UX design, and Markus Vihma, consultant for circular design and recycling management, developed numerous ideas for digital services with representatives of the management and various divisional managers of a large German furniture manufacturer.

UX Design Awards

Virtual Award Ceremony

The recording of the UX Design Awards 🏆 Virtual Award Ceremony 2020 is now online on the #UXDA20-website.

We are happy to present the best in UX and CX in 45 Minutes, with outstanding solutions in health, education, culture, communication, business, sports, and many talented young guns!


German Ecodesign Award goes DDW20

We are delighted to present the nominated and award-winning ...

Thu, 11/5
10.00 am–11.00 am


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As part of the IDZ's 50th anniversary, students of the Industrial Design and Communication Design courses at the HTW Berlin interviewed designers, scientists and entrepreneurs on the current role of design and their vision for its future.