Our IDZ Member of the Month December 2021/January 2022 is the agency Stiehl/Over/Gehrmann, presented here by Kai Gehrmann.

Stiehl/Over/Gehrmann is the agency of founder Reinhard Stiehl, Dipl.-Kaufmann Daniel Over and Dipl.-Designer Kai Gehrmann. S/O/G develops brands in terms of a comprehensive brand experience. In the offices in Osnabrück and Berlin, a team of 20 employees designs all analogue and digital touchpoints - from corporate identities and campaigns to user-centric interfaces for digital systems.

Kai Gehrmann is a graduated designer. He is active in the areas of corporate identity / corporate design, user experience / user interface design and design strategy since 1994. Kai is also responsible for the worldwide licensing and further development of the otl aicher pictograms.

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Anfang 2020 haben wir begonnen, in unserem monatlichen Newsletter ein IDZ-Mitglied des Monats vorzustellen.

Wir haben inzwischen vier dieser Beiträge auf der Website gesammelt, und hoffen, mit der Zeit einen interessanten Einblick in unsere Mitgliederstruktur zu geben.

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