What was the inspiration for your products?

Very often, the product development at bartmann berlin is connected with a specific need. With UNIDORM, the challenge was to combine the different materials in a harmonious manner, and to give the bed a natural and simple elegance. In turn, NEON brings order on the desktop with its lively use of colour and form.

How would you describe your style? In which areas of design do you feel rooted and why?

We pursue a reduced and contemporary language of form and combine this with traditional craftsmanship and methods of manufacturing. Thereby, we are also happy to work with external designers whose own designs meet these aspirations. Modern production methods and the selection of high-quality materials of course also matter to us.

What do you associate with the »Berliner Zimmer«?

As a Berlin-based company, the »Berliner Zimmer« has accompanied us since our early childhoods, all the way to the present day: our office is in a classic »Berliner Zimmer«!

In a Berlin apartment, in which part of the »Berliner Zimmer« do you see your product?

Today, due to its quiet and somewhat dark location, frequently with a window facing the courtyard, the Berliner Zimmer is commonly used as a bedroom, while previously as living rooms and parlours. This reflects the modern conception of a living space. In this respect, UNIDORM is a perfect match.

What do you expect from the Biennale Interieur?

With respect to the joint exhibition, we are anticipating the interexchange and dialogue with participants, as well as feedback from the BeNeLux market, which will be something new for us. Furthermore, we hope to draw attention not only to ourselves as a brand but also to Berlin as an evolving design metropolis.

How important is design for broader society?

Equally as important as good food or football. Really though, with design it’s also always about enjoyment – and that's a good thing. The question should possibly be ‘How important is good design?’. Especially as the term ‘design’ today is used arbitrarily for everything …

When are you impressed by design?

When design is more than a dead and stylish husk. A concept or a clever idea – these are important. And design should be intuitive, it should communicate with the user. Often, it is the idea or concept behind a design that will impress us in the long term.

Photo by Amos Fricke

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