What was the inspiration for your Link shelf system?

The LINK shelf system is a design my former professor Axel Kufus would call a "Friday evening draft". Something that you sketch quickly on a scrap of paper after you brood on other things the whole week. You will always find lightness and spontaneity in these designs.

How would you describe your style? What areas of design do you work in and why?

I design furniture, lights and accessories. I have a very sculptural approach. First and foremost, I draw inspiration from materials. A design has succeeded if the materiality is not subordinate to the design. The design should give the material space, or rather arise from the material.

What do you associate with the »Berliner Zimmer«?

Actually, a typical »Berliner Zimmer« (a room that connects the front building and the side wing and has only one window) is quite unattractive in my opinion. It is a compromise coming from the late 19th century – a time when Berlin became a densely populated metropole. But maybe the architectural deficits of the Berliner Zimmer can be offset by well-made design.

In which part of the »Berliner Zimmer« of a Berlin apartment do you see your product?

The LINK shelving system offers a lot of possibilities. It is helpful in the kitchen or bedroom. It works as a bookshelf in the workspace or as a display for decorative objects in the living room. Moreover, one can change the arrangement of the shelves over and over again so that it can be adapted for any living situation.

What do you expect from the Biennale Interieur?

I hope to find customers and traders in Benelux at the Biennale.

In your opinion, how important is design for society?

Design is essential for society. The objects that surround us must be both functional and attractive, otherwise they won’t exist for a very long time. Our Western society is unique in trying to distinguish design from function.

When does a design impress you?

I’m impressed when use, appearance and materiality of an object come together in a vibrant relation. One aspect may come to the fore, another steps back, however, they never eliminate each other. This balance makes a perfect design.

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