IDZ Design Discourse invites guests and IDZ members to discuss design-related topics. Researchers, entrepreneurs and designers share their experiences and present different approaches. The Design Discourse is a public evening event focussing on different topics related to design.

In 2023 we will start the DESIGN INSIGHTS event series, which asks about the role and significance of design in the social context. Designers from different disciplines are invited to present themselves and their work and to discuss topics that are important to them: What moves them, what do they work on, what is their attitude in the face of climate crisis, poverty, war, racism, violence and social ills?

Thursday, 11/2/2023
6.30 pm–8.00 pm
IDZ Event

Designing Beyond Crises
Together with our member Archimedes Exhibitions, we invite you to a panel discussion at the AMDX Workshop. The event takes place in the context of the Berlin Science Week. We’re looking forward to a lively debate with our panelists and the audience.

What do we mean by a future worth living, and how can we shape it? How do we remain innovative and find practicable approaches to solutions? Can creativity act as a catalyst? What are art and design's ecological, political, and social effects? How do we inform about crises, how does enlightenment work, and what questions should we ask? Do we need new and radical motifs, approaches, or images for a change in consciousness?

- Nancy Birkhölzer, designer and sustainability expert.
- Prof. Dr. Felix Kosok, graphic designer and design scientist
- Mara Recklies, philosopher specializing in design theory and criticism

Short presentations by:
- Katharina Loderstädt, Creative Director at Archimedes Exhibitions
- Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Prof. Frans Vogelaar, founders of the Hybrid Space Lab
- Ony Yan, designer

IDZ member Prof. Carl Frech will moderate the event.

Thursday, 2 November 2023
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Followed by: Get-together

Monday, 6/19/2023
6.00 pm–10.00 pm
IDZ Event

DESIGN INSIGHTS #2 The Process of Halle (Der Halle-Prozess)
IDZ and feldfünf invite you: Lecture evening with Prof. Matthias Görlich, Maja Redlin and Nils Krüger

“We will never be normal again as long as we avoid talking about what happened and why it happened.” (Reem A.)

On 19 June, we continue our DESIGN INSIGHTS series with the presentation of the publication project “Der Halle-Prozess”, which deals with the right-wing terrorist attack in Halle. Guests are Prof. Matthias Görlich, Maja Redlin and Nils Krüger from the study group Information Design (SI) of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle:

19 June 2023 at 6:00 p.m. (admission starting at 5:30 p.m.).

feldfünf, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7-8, 10969 Berlin, Germany.

Prof. Matthias Görlich will first introduce the study group and its working methods. In the group's projects, most notably in the two publications on the “Halle-Prozess”, the potential of communication design in conveying socio-politically relevant issues becomes clear.

On 9 October 2019, the highest Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, a right-wing extremist terrorist first attacks the synagogue in Halle, then the nearby Kiez-Döner. He murders two people and tears many more in Halle and Wiedersdorf (Saxony-Anhalt) from their familiar lives forever. The two-part publication project documents the court case in detail and opens up backgrounds and perspectives to an interested, civil society audience. Nils Krüger and Maja Redlin will present both volumes and provide insights into the genesis, design and implementation of the project. Afterwards, there will be space for questions and discussion.

For the get-together, OBC kindly provides us with Original Berliner Cidre.

The publications „Der Halle-Prozess. Mitschriften“ and „Der Halle-Prozess: Hintergründe und Perspektiven“ are published by Spector Books in Leipzig in 2022.

The event will be held in German, admission is free. Since the number of seats is limited, we ask for binding registration.

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Wednesday, 3/15/2023
7.00 pm–10.00 pm
IDZ Event

DESIGN INSIGHTS #1 Design means optimism
The IDZ and feldfünf invite you: Lecture evening with communication designer Prof. Anna Berkenbusch.

Everyday life as the basis for communication design: Prof. Anna Berkenbusch describes her work as a communication designer based on everyday observations regarding language, manners and relationships. She shows examples from her academic teaching and from her studio in Berlin and also presents her book Alle Tage, Gestaltung verändert die Welt published in 2022. Christian Gralingen and Anja Nienstädt will take up themes from the book in a workshop with their students from the Lette Verein Berlin and deal with them creatively. They will present the results after the lecture of Prof. Anna Berkenbusch. The works will be on display in the feldfünf window gallery until March 24.

The lecture kicks off our new event series DESIGN INSIGHTS, which asks about the role and significance of design in a social context.

on March 15, 2023 at 7 p.m. (admission opens at 6.30 p.m.)

feldfünf, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7–8, 10969 Berlin

The event will be held in German. Since the number of participants is limited, we ask for binding registration.

Admission: 10 €, reduced: 5 €
For IDZ members and members of feldfünf e.V. admission is free.

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Thursday, 11/28/2019
6.30 pm–9.00 pm
IDZ Event

Transforming People & Places: Urban Mobility
How Shall We Move Tomorrow?

Thursday, 9/26/2019
7.00 pm
IDZ Event

Design Discourse
on the subject Bauhaus with Boris Kochan und Ulrich Müller

Two eloquent lateral thinkers meet to illuminate the theme »Bauhaus« from different angles. Excursuses into the past, treasures from the world of science, interesting games of thought and perhaps also a visionary look into the future - when the President of the German Design Day, Boris Kochan, and the author and musician Ulrich Müller meet at the end of September in Berlin, everyone is sure to have an enjoyable and undogmatic evening.

The Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) and the International Design Centre Berlin (IDZ) jointly invite you to this exchange of blows and dialogue.


26. September 2019 at 19 o'clock

USM Showroom Berlin, Französische Straße 48, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Costs and registration:
Admission is free for VDID and IDZ members.
Participation fee for guests: 10 Euro, Reduced: 5 Euro

Since the number of participants is limited, we ask for binding registration.

Thursday, 9/20/2018
6.30 pm–9.00 pm
IDZ Event

Design Discourse: Nudging & Persuasive Design

Not only things are shaped by design. Human behavior can be influenced by design as well. This realization is not new, but in combination with digital tools, its implementation gains a new dimension.

Companies as well as politics specifically use methods of behavioral economics such as nudging in order to influence people. David Cameron even created a nudge unit that helped inducing the British to more organ donations. Nudging works and is successful – that is proven. It usually even works much better than threats, penalties or prescriptions, and better than informing or lecturing. That is good and terrifying at the same time.

Since Richard Thaler received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2017 for the research he did on this topic, the approach of behavioral or persuasive design has been discussed increasingly in the design context. When does user-orientation and well-intentioned influence lead to incapacitation and immorality? This is what we will discuss with Peter Post, Managing Director of the creative agency Scholz & Volkmer, Prof. Dr. Max von Grafenstein, who is doing research on the topic of “Big Data, Nudging and Digital Self-Determination”, behavioral economist Dr. Mira Fischer, and Cesy Leonard from the Center for Political Beauty.

Moderation: Lucas Verweij

The talk will be held in German.

International Design Center Berlin
Am Park 4
10785 Berlin

Entrance: 6:30 pm
Begin: 7:00 pm

Entrance Fee
Entrance for IDZ members will be free.
Guests: 10 Euros
Reduced*: 5 Euros

* The reduction applies to students, pensioners and ALG II recipients with ID-card.

Note: Photos will be made during the event. With the participation in the event, all people present give their consent for the free publication of the records by the IDZ, for the purpose of reporting and public relations.

available tickets: 2


Thursday, 9/21/2017
6.30 pm–9.00 pm
IDZ Event

Design Discourse: The Future of Work
How soon is now? - Artificial Intelligence & Design

The event will be held in German.


Luba Elliott
curator, artist and researcher specialising in artificial intelligence in the creative industries; human-centered-designer and linguist

Ramzi Rizk
Co-founder and CTO of EyeEm and leader of the team developing EyeEm Vision

Prof. Dr. Patrick van der Smagt
Director of AI Research Lab and CTO of Volkswagen Munich; Professor forBiomimetic Robotics and Machine Learning at TU Munich

Moderation: Carl Frech
Professor for Design and Strategy at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg; Senior Advisor of School of Design Thinking Potsdam; Designer, Consultant und Partner of fuenfwerken Design AG; Co-Founder and Partner of Intuity Media Lab GmbH as well as Initiator and Managing Board of NEXT AT eG

Illustration: Alice Bodnar

More information:

sold out


Thursday, 4/27/2017
6.30 pm–9.00 pm
IDZ Event

Design Discourse: The Future of Work
Part 1: Crowdsourcing

The event will be held in German.


Dr. Florian Alexander Schmidt
Designer, Researcher and Author of »Crowd-Design – From Tools for Empowerment to Platform Capitalism«

Ines Zimzinski
Executive Board of German Crowdsourcing Association; Lecturer of University of Arts Berlin and Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Consultant for Digital Publishing, Work 4.0 and Startups as well as Coordinator of Consultancy Network Crowdmate

Frank Eimer
Head of Business Development of Marketing Agency Catalyx – with a special focus on Crowdsourcing and Online-Listening

Prof. Axel Kolaschnik
Professor for Design and Branding, Management und Communication at University Mannheim; Partner of Design Studio TheRelevantSet; Adisory Board "Kreativwirtschaft" of BWM Investment Funds for Economic Development Mannheim

Moderation: Carl Frech
Professor for Design and Strategy at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg; Senior Advisor of School of Design Thinking Potsdam; Designer, Consultant und Partner of fuenfwerken Design AG; Co-Founder and Partner of Intuity Media Lab GmbH as well as Initiator and Managing Board of NEXT AT eG

More information:

sold out


Thursday, 11/17/2016
7.00 pm–9.00 pm
IDZ Event

IDZ Design Discourse: Design & Refugees
How to create a second home?

By the end of last year, over 65 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide. That means every 113th person was a refugee, seeking asylum or was internally displaced. How can design help to improve the living conditions and offer new perspectives to refugees? The discourse presents exemplary design projects by, for and with refugees – from service design solutions improving bureaucratic processes to architectural concepts for integrated living to educational programs and an easier access to the job market for designers.

Connecting refugees, designers and interested guests, the discourse tackles both, comprehensive questions of social design and its potentials as well as concrete and practical issues of how to get involved: How do you start a project, how to find allies? How do you get a funding? What are the biggest challenges and hurdles? What are desirable, future projects that meet the current needs?


Raphael N. Hemmer, GRAFT architects, Project Director of Heimat2
Ali Mahmoud, Designer, Art Director and Lecturer at *foundationClass, KH Weissensee
Laura Markert, Designer and Author of Fluchtatlas
Kussay Chichakly, Fashion Designer
Host: Lucas Verweij, Designjournalist

Register now and join us at betahaus Berlin, the entry is free.


betahaus Café
Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
10969 Berlin


Entrance: 6.30 pm
Begin: 7 pm

* Source: 2015 of UN Refugee Agency
Illustration: Mediterranean Sea, taken from the book »Fluchtatlas« (Refugee Atlas) by Laura Markert, Yvonne Moser and Lilli Scheuerlein

Wednesday, 11/11/2015
6.30 pm
IDZ Event

Design Discourse: User Experience Design
From Products to connected services

The event will be held in German.


Verena Augustin, Studio Director Berlin, IXDS
Lukas Golyszny, Founder and Managing Partner, Service Innovation Labs
Henrik Rieß, Creative Director, User Interface Design GmbH
Moderation: Lucas Verweij, Design Critic

Illustration: Edgar Prigoana-Müller

Thursday, 9/18/2014
7.00 pm–10.00 pm
IDZ Event

Design Discourse: Can design change the world?
Sustainable Design: Possibilities & Limits

The discussion will be held in German.

Holger Hampf, Executive Creative Director, frog design
Project: Revolver – Personal Wind Turbine
Lars Krückeberg, Architect, GRAFT, Project: Solarkiosk
Michael Volkmer, CEO, Scholz & Volkmer, Project: Zeit statt Zeug

Tuesday, 5/27/2014
IDZ Event

What multiplies if you share it?
Design expertise in times of DIY, Crowdsourcing and Open Design

The discussion will be held in German.

Prof. Birgit S. Bauer, Design Researcher and Critic, University of Applied Sciences (HTW)
Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Architect, Hartz-IV-Furniture
Victoria Ringleb, CEO, AGD (Alliance of German Designers)
Rupali Steinmeyer, Managing Partner, COO at Fuenfwerken AG

Thursday, 3/27/2014
IDZ Event

Beam me up, Scotty!
Mobility of the Future: Design Challenges

The discussion will be held in German.

Dr. Tim Lehmann, Architect and Urban Planner, Innovation Center fpr Mobilitiy and Social Change, InnoZ
Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler, Social Scientist, Institute for Transportation Design, University of Fine Arts Braunschweig
Peter Wouda, Director Exterieur Design Volkswagen, Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam

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