Hand embroidered pillow from the northwestern region of Transylvania, Kalotaszeg.

This hand embroidered pillow comes from Kalotaszeg, a region in northwestern Transylvania.

The embroideries from Kalotaszeg are monochromatic, mostly in red, white and blue. Especially the densely embroidered floral ornaments in geometric arrangement and the preference for geomatric patterns show the strong influence of Romanian art. The ladies of Kalotaszeg, who still master the art of embroidery at home, also like the more playful motifs of the Hungarian patterns. However, the motifs are first drawn and then embroidered on the hand-woven linen.

The region is famous for its beautifully designed art. One of the most famous composers of our time is Belá Bartók, whose collection can be admired in the Ethnological Museum in Budapest.

International Wardrobe is a platform for traditional and ethnic clothing, home textiles, artifacts, ceramics and porcelain. The main interest is in folk costumes and other traditionally handmade textiles. "We believe in the beauty, elegance and authenticity of these ethnic textiles and artifacts. We don't believe in the merry-go-round of the fashion industry," explains Katharina Koppenwallner. "We bow to these individual garments and the beauty and love with which they were made." There is an online store, but we recommend visiting the beautiful store at Almstadtstr. 50 in Berlin.

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