The new LAB teapot with a capacity of 0.8 liters combines functional laboratory aesthetics and Far Eastern tea culture. In addition to the product family's typical feel of glossy-glazed top and matte bottom made of bisque porcelain, the teapot scores points for its strong-character side handle, which brings the origins of technical laboratory porcelain to new life.

KPM Berlin has collaborated with the tea specialists at Paper & Tea to develop an essential set around this functionally aesthetic object for the minimalist tea ceremony: The tea set consisting of LAB teapot, integrated, particularly fine-meshed stainless steel tea strainer, high-quality oak wood board and hand-flattering mug No. 1B (250ml) ideally suited for tea is rounded off by a very special Paper & Tea tea, LAB Oolong N°403. The creative process of the fine handpicked oolong presented by Paper & Tea is as elaborate as that of the fine porcelain of KPM Berlin. Both brands are united by their claim to the highest quality of the products offered, achieved over centuries through special care and passion by masters of their trade. The oolong specially selected by the pioneers of modern tea culture for the LAB tea set impresses with its special sweet aroma, the complexity of which perfectly complements the restrained aesthetics of the newly interpreted laboratory porcelain. 

The minimalist, technical design language of the LAB series is based on the aesthetics of 20th century KPM laboratory porcelain. It has been consistently developed further by chief designer Thomas Wenzel for the modern kitchen laboratory. The multifunctional line impresses with its timeless design and exceptional feel. All pieces of the constantly growing LAB family are recognizable by the chrome-green stamp mark and the lettering "KPM BERLIN". The green mark already adorned the historic laboratory porcelain. Then as now, it symbolizes design, "handmade in Berlin". The multifunctionality of the LAB family lies in the versatility and combinability of its members: minimalist plates become lids for bowls, bowls become bowls or cups. Complemented by spice mills, mortars, tins and progressive products such as the award-winning porcelain coffee filter with thermal function, LAB becomes an all-rounder for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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