It's a very special pleasure to discover the Mark with donkey. Perfect deceleration!

Donkeys have a mind of their own. But once you have made friends with the good-natured animals, they go with their companions through thick and thin. On the donkey walk, there is enough time to explore the flora and fauna along the way at a leisurely pace that the donkeys set. In this way, the donkey, as an ideal companion, gives man the opportunity to leave behind all the stress and the stressfulness, as well as to find muse and relaxation.

He carries the luggage and the picnic basket, is a friend and sometimes protector from barking dogs, is happy to walk, but also about every little break to pluck stalks.

Learning from a donkey means finding serenity and enjoying the little things that are right under your nose. And for children, he is a patient and good-natured buddy who likes to be hugged, cuddled and have flowers put behind his ears or between his tender lips. And yes, he also has his stubborn moments, but with friendly affection, he'll go with you through thick and thin.

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