The UX Design Awards honor the huge impact of accomplished experience design on shaping a positive living environment for all.

Design is about improving people’s lives. We believe only design that focuses on people has the potential to improve the world in a sustainable. To create meaningful solutions to people’s needs, designers need to understand their goals, desires, and emotions.

The UX Design Awards reflect the impact of user and customer experience design on shaping a positive living environment for everybody. Originating in 2008 as a show for good usability, we established the Awards in 2015. Ever since, the UX Design Awards have been honoring exceptional experience design across the world.

The competition takes place twice per year. It is open to products, services, environments, concepts and visions; as well as to master's and bachelor's projects from around the world.

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Current Events

Wednesday, 12/14/2022
4.00 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards: Deep Dive Award Winners | KASIKORN Business-Technology Group
In their presentation UX Designer Pornkamol Prapapornvorakul and Paruj (Toey) Phanthongdee will walk us through their award-winning project „MAKE by KBank “.

MAKE is mobile banking designed to accommodate the Thai young generation’s financial needs. Giving back the power once dictated by the bank to the users, MAKE revives how users truly interact with money in 3 areas: sharing beyond personal matters, casual and flexible finance, and humanized banking experience. The team also aims to nurture a user community to bring users closer to the app team and have them co-design MAKE’s future iterations.

Wednesday, 11/30/2022
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards Talent Track: Award Winners | Maximilian Seeger
In his presentation New Talent Award Winner Maximilian Seeger walks us through his project “Jewels of the Sea”.

We have diatoms to thank for every fourth breath we take. After all, these microscopic single-celled photosynthetic organisms produce about a quarter of the world's oxygen. Yet, although diatoms are essential for the carbon cycle, they are only known to a small circle of people. This installation makes it possible to interact with digitally generated diatom models and examine the living microcosm surrounding us in real-time.

UXDA Jury member Oliver Gerstheimer about the project:

"JEWELS presents an ingenious interaction and experience on several levels: it enlarges small yet essential elements of life, making them understandable for laymen and scientists alike. Its hybrid and interactive setup brings diatoms – a species largely unknown to humans – to life in an impressive way, presenting their unique aesthetics and being in a didactic and playful way. The microcosm of diatoms is processed in real time and transmitted as a live microscopic image, creating a fascinating and tangible user a 3D experience."

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IDZ Event

#UXDA23: Open for Submissions!
Make it count! The UX Design Awards 2023 - Spring call for participation is open for submissions. Enter your best work by 2 December!

Details on how to enter and the competition dates are available on the Awards Website.

Past Events

Wednesday, 11/16/2022
5.00 pm–6.15 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards Deep Dive: Award Winners | Valtech/BMG
UX Design Consultant Christian Kilian and Creative Director Experience Design Stefan Sacherer will walk us through their award-winning project „BMG Production Music Web Application“ - a music library for film makers with over 300,000 tracks.

BMG Production Music Web Application won the "UX Design Award | Product" 2022. BMG offers filmmakers the opportunity to choose music for their projects from over 300,000 tracks. Until now, the search took place on several historically grown platforms for different licensing regions. The new Digital Experience Platform turns all this into a holistic digital experience focusing on usability, search optimization and design. Using the latest headless technology, the platform enables the integration of external services such as an AI-supported "Similar Tracks Search".

UXDA Jury member Ole Heydekamp on the project
“One of the key features of the BMG Music App is an AI supported “Similar Tracks Search” which allows users to select tracks from the catalog, YouTube, Spotify or MP3 files. This intelligent search function using various filters, categories and keywords empowers users to let their creativity run wild, and quickly find the best music match in the catalog library. The jury was particularly impressed by the solution’s coherent focus on the needs of a very specific target group. By applying agile development with continuous user testing and iterations, the design team created a service that is very user-friendly and supports task completion in a very efficient way.”

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Wednesday, 10/19/2022
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards - Talent Track: Award Winners | Milan Bergheim
In his presentation New Talent Gold Award Winner Milan Bergheim walks us through his award winning project “re:wet/peat:lab — peatland monitoring made easy”.

Peat:lab is a measuring device that greatly simplifies comprehensive peatland monitoring and thus aims to accelerate the rewetting of peatlands. This can save 7% of German CO2 emissions. The peat:lab quickly builds a digital twin of the peatlands, which serves as a planning basis, certificate and biomass marketplace and knowledge transfer. Terrain heights, water levels, peat thickness and vegetation composition via AI are recorded.

UXDA Jury member Werner Spicka about the project:

“With this award the jury recognizes the considerable contribution that this concept can make by enabling farmers to actively participate in positive climate change through technical, educational and financial means. Based on an iterative development process that included all relevant stakeholders this concept provides one platform for many formerly separated workflows of independent teams. re:wet/peat:lab is a great example of how technology and services can empower people through a holistic approach that also simplifies access to vital funding information.”

Wednesday, 10/5/2022
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards - Deep Dive: Award Winners | Siemens Healthineers
In their presentation Alexandra Zahn and Anna Weidner walk us through their award-winning project „Pediatric Radiology Experience".

Gerda the Brave Giraffe is a holistic approach to pediatric radiology preparation that encourages children to enter an examination positively. They are accompanied throughout their Patient Journey and can actively participate in the preparation. Starting with the referring physician until after the exam, different materials help to reduce anxiety and stress of patients, parents and clinical staff and to decrease the number of sedations.

UXDA Jury member Markus Turber about the project:

»The character “Gerda the Brave Giraffe” accompanies children who need an MRI scan throughout a well-designed experience journey. The story helps kids become knowledgeable through print and audio media. This service is a game changer, as it shifts the status from affected patients to engaged children. As fear and powerlessness turn into curiosity and expertise, trust and patience towards the medical procedure grows, reducing the need to apply sedatives. Pediatric Radiology is a charming project!«

More information and registration

Wednesday, 9/14/2022
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards Talent Track: Award Winners
In her presentation Mengxue Zhou walks us through her award winning project “Potential Newsfeed”.

“Potential Newsfeed” explores how invisible algorithms on social media affect our consciousness about information consumption. Through speculative design, three concepts showcase different dimensions of transparency and control how we can intervene with the digital system. The focus lies in using design artifacts and storytelling to provoke discussion on how the public, society, technology, and market could potentially engage in adjusting the direction towards a future platform.

UXDA Jury member Peter Post about the project:

“Potential Newsfeed” is a well-executed piece of speculative design, addressing the issues of trust and mental health on Facebook. It shows the potential of a power shift from the platform to people. But it also challenges users: would we be willing to pay for more control? Would it be OK if only the affluent could afford to block targeting? Do we really want to know how our friends, their interests and attitudes influence our news feed?

More information and registration

Thursday, 9/1/2022
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards Virtual Award Ceremony
Join us and celebrate! Please join us on September 01 2022, when we celebrate outstanding experience design in our Virtual Award Ceremony!

More than 400 submissions from 48 countries were entered in the competition, 124 of these were nominated to compete in the Awards. We are now hugely looking forward topresentingthe winners of the secondround of the UX Design Awards 2022. Get to know the winning projects and meet the successful participants and our jury in our Virtual Award Ceremony.

We can’t wait! The ceremony will be streamed live on LinkedIn and here on September 01, starting at 5 pm (CET) (San Francisco 8 am, New York City 11 am, São Paulo 1 pm, London 4 pm, Bangalore 9:30 pm).

At the same time, we will be officially kicking off the first round of the UX Design Awards 2023, for which we will be accepting submissions until November 30. Companies, agencies, professionals, and young designers worldwide are invited to participate in three competition categories: “Product” and “Concept” for the professional sector and “New Talent” for young designers. You can already for the competition now!

Wednesday, 7/13/2022
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

UX Design Awards Deep Dive: Award Winners
In their presentation Senior User Experience Manager Thermomix Andreas Uhlenbrock (Vorwerk) and Principal UX Designer Stefan Bickelmann (Intive) walk us through their award-winning project „Cookidoo® “.

Cookidoo® is the official recipe platform for Thermomix®, offering 75,000 success guaranteed recipes. The biggest wish of the community was to create and modify their own recipes. With the new feature "Created Recipes" it is now possible to create, import and modify favourite recipes, save all recipes in one place to cook them on Thermomix®. The experience of Vorwerk recipes comes with a clear structured interface, automated cooking settings and smart weighing steps.

Cookidoo® won the "UX Design Award | Public Choice 2022"

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