The UX Design Awards honor the huge impact of accomplished experience design on shaping a positive living environment for all.

Design is about improving people’s lives. We believe only design that focuses on people has the potential to improve the world in a sustainable. To create meaningful solutions to people’s needs, designers need to understand their goals, desires, and emotions.

The UX Design Awards reflect the impact of user and customer experience design on shaping a positive living environment for everybody. Originating in 2008 as a show for good usability, we established the Awards in 2015. Ever since, the UX Design Awards have been honoring exceptional experience design across the world.

The competition takes place twice per year. It is open to products, services, environments, concepts and visions; as well as to master's and bachelor's projects from around the world.

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Current Events

Wednesday, 5/29/2024
5.00 am–6.00 am
IDZ Event

Talent Track: Award Winners
Join us for this Talent Track, focusing on three projects devoted to social change! Jaime Delclaux, Timm Klotz and Fan Fang will walk us through three different approaches to making a difference using technology.

IDZ Event

Deadline Extended: UX Design Awards
The UX Design Awards – Autumn 2024 call for participation is open for submissions until 2 June 2024.

All details and competition dates and deadlines are available the awards website.

Past Events

Thursday, 4/18/2024
5.00 am–6.00 am
IDZ Event

UX Conversations: Sofia Ryan
In this episode of UX Conversations, Ake Rudolf talks with Sofia Ryan, Principal Design Director at Microsoft. We look forward to hearing her thoughts on how to overcome the challenges of integrating design into rapidly evolving technological landscapes, and discover her perspective on how designers can harness their skills to steer AI towards positive outcomes.

Wednesday, 4/24/2024
5.00 am–6.00 am
IDZ Event

Deep Dive: Award Winners | Mahlkönig / IMAGO Design
In this Deep Dive, Camillo König, Industrial Designer and Competence Lead Mechanical Engineering and Bastian Renner, Senior UI/UX Designer at Imago Design GmbH will walk us through their Gold-Award-winning coffee grinder "Mahlkönig EK OMNIA”.

Wednesday, 5/8/2024
5.00 am–6.00 am
IDZ Event

Deep Dive: Award Winners | Nui Care
In this Deep Dive, Shilu Mistry, Chief Product Officer at Nui Care, and Miles Johnson, Experience Lead AI & Innovation at Ming Design, will walk us through the Award-winning project "Nui Care Redesign and AI Enablement”.

Wednesday, 2/14/2024
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

Deep Dive: Award Winners | GoTyme
In this Deep Dive Silvano D’Orazio, Group Head of User Experience and Brand at TymeGroup, will walk us through the two Award-winning project „GoTyme Bank Kiosk and GoTyme Bank App”.

The GoTyme Bank Kiosk is a self-service machine which enables Filipinos to open a bank account and instantly get a physical debit card at thousands of convenient locations. It also allows current GoTyme Bank customers to check their account in situations where they do not have reliable internet access.The kiosk is the “physical” component of GoTyme Bank’s “phygital” (physical and digital) banking approach, enabling the business to cater to more types of users and to previously unaddressed needs.

Here you get to the event

Wednesday, 1/17/2024
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

UXDA Deep Dive: Award Winners | Philips
On 17 January, Andreas Walder, Leader Usability at Philips, and Yoko Sen, Sound Artist and Founder of Sen Sound, will walk us through “Philips Sounds”.

The project, a redesign of clinical monitor alarms that reduces alarm noise by 66 %, considerably improving the hospital experience for patients and caregivers worldwide, was honored with the UX Design Award | Gold 2023.

For further information and registration links, please head over to the UX Design Awards website.

Wednesday, 12/13/2023
5.00 pm
IDZ Event

Deep Dive: Award Winners | Diia App
In this Deep Dive Slava Banik, Head of e-services development at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and Volodymyr Smyrnov, , Design Director and Partner at spiilka design büro, will walk us through the award-winning Diia App. Diia is an e-government app from Ukraine. It enables citizens to use digital documents in their smartphones instead of physical ones for purposes of identification and sharing. It also offers comprehensive access to public services such as tax payments, payment of fines, polls, social payments from the state, proper user assignment, donation to support the Ukrainian army and registration of their place of residence.

Wednesday, 3/13/2024
5.00 pm–6.00 pm
IDZ Event

Deep Dive: Finix Payments, Inc.
In this Deep Dive Shrankhla Narya, Head of Product Design, and Olivia Ouyang, Product Designer at Finix Payments, Inc., will walk us through the award-winning concept "Finix Payment Management Dashboard”.

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