Are you searching design partners for a digitization or industry project?
We help you find the right design expertise for your challenge!

As neutral partner, IDZ advises you in the search for suitable project partners. Whether you require an industrial design agency, digital strategy consulting or UX/UI expertise, we will sound out the market according to your needs and requirements.

In line with your project briefing, we research suitable potential partners for your project, undertake the advance communication and coordinate initial discussions (project audits) with the consultants of your choice. On request, we can organize a comprehensive agency pitch at your location or at suitable business premises in Berlin.

We would be pleased to develop a suitable concept for you.
If you are interested in an initial meeting, please contact us.


Ake Rudolf, Head of Strategy
T +49 (0)30 61 62 321-16

"Through the IDZ, ARD-aktuell has been able to contact five outstanding design agencies as quickly as possible. The IDZ organized everything - from the first briefing to the structured bundling of all enquiries to the presentation of the agencies to the project team of the Tagesschau in Hamburg. IDZ's knowledge of the industry was invaluable in this ambitious process".

Andreas Lützkendorf
Chief Editor ARD-aktuell – Strategy and Innovation

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