»Experience design contains the potential for innovation and for products that are post-materialist and more humane.«
Marc Hassenzahl

The term ›user experience‹ describes the sum of user interactions with all aspects of a product or service – or combination of these – offered by a company or any other form of organisation. Thereby, considerations are in terms of practical user experience and emotional impression. For a fuller grasp of actual needs, the field of experience design orients itself towards users and their requirements, resulting in products and services that bring genuine added value for humans.

From a technological perspective, the product landscape is becoming increasingly narrow, meaning that strong and enduring market success has come to depend on an overall experience that is emotionally engaging, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. Here, emotional experience is regarded as a complex interplay of feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions, as well as a qualitative and extremely personal point of reference – delight and pleasure will always remain firmly in memory.

For companies and organisations, the growing importance of personal experience – or user experience – represents a paradigm shift. Products and services that are measured primarily on the emotional scale must also provide users with qualities and attributes that are new, meaningful and above all post-material.

How can a product or service bring about a positive user experience? What are the needs and expectations of future users? What can provide enjoyment? User experience and experience design help carry technologies to enduring success by creating meaningful experiences for users, thereby shaping emotionally positive relationships.

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