The International Design Centers coaching programs are aimed primarily at people working in the creative industries. The program helps extending professional ways of acting and developing new perspectives. Creative processes are complex – and successful collaboration requires a high level of flexibility and empathy. A systemic outsider’s view can raise the awareness of different mind sets and provide participants with valuable insights. Daily working pressure often does not allow for a time of reflection and personal professional development – in our coaching programs we provide room to address these subjects specifically.

Impulse Evenings

Input for reflection and
exchange of ideas
concerning coaching issues.

Peer Group Coaching

Developing authority and professionalism in exchange with your peer group.

Team Coaching

Improving cooperation
and communication.
Clarifying roles and duties.

Personal Coaching

Evolving personality and potential. Gaining intensive and individual support.

About Andreas Viedt

IDZ-Coach Andreas Viedt is one of the founders of wirDesign and worked there until 2019 as a board member and head of strategy. He combines his wealth of experience as a "customer expert" for compact training with his qualifications as a Metaplan Professional® and systemic coach, among others.

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