In June 2020, together with our project partner Sqetch by Sourcebook GmbH, we launched our new internationalization project "Innovations for a Global Market - Cooperation Network Berlin & China (CN-BC)"! The project aims at promoting knowledge exchange and network building in the design and green-tech industries from Berlin and China. With this project, IDZ will support the development of relations between companies in the fields of UX/UI design, digital strategy, industrial and service design and sustainable technologies from Berlin with the companies, universities, research institutions and the design field in China.


Lukas Hofmann
Project Management
T +49 (0)30 61 62 321-18

The project „Innovations for a Global Market - Cooperation Network Berlin & China (CN-BC)” is federally funded through the Berlin based funding program for network-building and internationalization “Förderprogramm für Internationalisierung - Netzwerk Richtlinie”, co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

Upcoming Events

Friday, 2/11/2022
8.30 am–9.00 am
IDZ Event

CNBC digital Meetup mit Daniel Gebhardt
Webinar: How to negotiate and build trust with Chinese partners

China is a country of sharp contrasts: Millennia-old traditions, a strong state government, and high technology shape this huge country and its mentalities. Against this background, communicating with Chinese business partners conceals many imponderables. Negotiation situations are shaped not only by linguistic barriers but also by different self-perceptions of cultures. What do you have to consider when negotiating projects? How do you build the necessary trust together?
We are thrilled to announce Daniel Gebhardt, Consultant and Lecturer, answering these questions in our next digital “Go to China” Meet-up on Zoom.

Past Events

8.30 am–11.30 am
IDZ Event

CN-BC Joint Brokerage Event: Innovating Food Brands, Products and Culinary Experiences in cooperation with +86
In cooperation with the +86 design sharing platform in Beijing, the focus will be on re-branding, reinventing food products, designing food packaging and service design.

The digital Joint Brokerage Event (JBE) is a matchmaking event for Berlin and Chinese companies active in the fields of design and sustainable technologies. Organized in collaboration with our Chinese network partners, they offer a mix of talks and matchmaking with 1-on-1 business matchmaking calls.

If you would like to attend one of these events or are interested in learning more, please contact and register in the members area of the CN-BC website.

Thursday, 2/25/2021
4.30 pm–5.30 pm
IDZ Event

Save the Date! “Go to China” Digital Meet-up #4
Digital marketing and Consumer insights

With a population of about about 1.4 billion people, China is a very attractive market. However, to set foot in this market and with respect to localisation and marketing, international players have to overcome a number of obstacles. First of all, the language and culture are fundamentally different. Furthermore, the Chinese internet landscape has developed largely independently from the rest of the world. The big players on the international level such as Google, Wikipedia, Facebook or Slack are not freely available, while national platforms like WeChat, Weibo and TikTok are indispensable and hugely influential.

In this digital CN-BC meet-up #4, Miriam Theobald, Co-Founder & COO of DŌNGXii, will provide an overview of the nature of the "Chinese internet": what channels and possibilities are there to market your product or service digitally, and what socio-cultural needs do customers have in China today?

All participants will have the opportunity to join in with comments and questions.

We look forward to having you join our next meet-up on February 25th from 4:30 pm until 5:30 pm (CET)!

Register here

Tuesday, 1/19/2021
9.00 am–10.30 am
IDZ Event

Berlin China
Virtuel „Go to China digital Meet up // Market entry strategies #2“

Our next CN-BC “Go to China” digital meet-up, the second part of our series on China market entry strategies, will take place via Zoom on 19. January 2021 from 9:00 am until 10:30 am (CET).

We are excited to welcome three of our network partners and look forward to introducing them to our
Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA), presented by Ivy Yang, Global Business & Cooperation Division, and
Beijing 86 Cultural Co., Ltd, presented by International Project Manager Yolanda Xiong , and
Dongxii, presented by Co-Founder & COO Miriam Theobald.

We will also look at case studies of two Berlin-based companies within the green tech and design industries. We are looking forward to hearing about their experiences with entering the Chinese market, opportunities they were given and challenges they had to face as well as the advice they want to give.

Sustify GmbH, presented by Founder & CEO Sonja Westphal. Sustify helps to improve compliance with social and environmental standards by educating the workforce by means of an interactive, gamified learning app.
büro+staubach GmbH, presented by Partner & Managing Director Jan Wielert as well as Founder & Managing Director Christina Finger . büro+staubach is an industrial design agency with a focus on mobility.

All participants will have the opportunity to join in with comments and questions. We look forward to having you join our next meet-up!

Register here!

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