With the internationalization project Innovations for a Global Market - Cooperation Network Berlin & China (CN-BC), the IDZ and our partner Sqetch supported the development of new business contacts between Berlin and China in the green tech, UX and design sectors.

Through a series of physical and virtual matchmaking events and meet-ups, the project provided entry points into the German and Chinese markets with legal, business and intercultural support for companies, industry experts and local organizations. In the course of the project, roundabout 600 primary contacts were initiated and 89 companies were directly connected between July 2020 and July 2022.

The IDZ remains the point of contact for all interested parties in the design sector and the gateway to our project partners in China: +86 Design Sharing Platform (Beijing), Shenzhen Industrial Design Professional Association (SIDA) Center, Zhuhai Design Center as well as the Berlin Business Desk China.

The project website remains accessible and allows participants to stay in touch beyond the project duration to foster sustainable partnerships and strengthen Sino-German business relations.

For comprehensive insights please download our final project presentation.

We thank all our partners, speakers, experts, participating companies and supporters from Berlin and China!

The project „Innovations for a Global Market - Cooperation Network Berlin & China (CN-BC)” was federally funded through the Berlin based funding program for network-building and internationalization “Förderprogramm für Internationalisierung - Netzwerk Richtlinie”, co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).


Ake Rudolf
Project Lead
T +49 (0)30 61 62 321-16

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